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5 online services to save time


(NC) It feels like we’re busier than ever these days. Fortunately, advances in technology are making it quicker and easier to complete tasks and errands online, instead of in person. Here are just a few time-saving activities you can do from the comfort of your home.

  1. The census. The upcoming census is in May 2021, and there is now a digital alternative to the traditional paper questionnaire. You can fill it out online to make participating in this civic duty more convenient.
  2. Grocery shopping. Driving to the store, wandering the aisles and impulse-buying more than you need—you can save not just time but money by ordering your groceries online. Many stores will also price match competitors’ offers. 
  3. Service Canada. Need to update your address, or apply for employment insurance or Canada Pension Plan benefits? You can save yourself the in-person trip and long lineups by checking out their online portal.
  4. Medical visits. Recent global events have encouraged our health-care providers to explore virtual delivery of care, including through video chat appointments. Save yourself the trip and exposure to in-office germs by going digital for basic services like a prescription renewal.
  5. Manage finances. From online banking, to opening an RRSP, to applying for repayment assistance on your student loan, there is an abundance of financial services that you can now use online, with more being added all the time.