Big Pharma’s coronavirus vaccines will do more harm than good, warns health expert


(Natural News) Despite proof that Big Pharma’s coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines are linked to various side effects like fatal blood clots, health experts all over the world insist that getting vaccinated is key to protecting the public from the virus.

But one of those health experts has spoken up about the dangers of a vaccination campaign during a pandemic while there are “highly infectious” mutated versions of coronavirus circulating around.

Big Pharma is ushering vaccine resistance

In a recent interview, respected vaccine developer Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche talked about his valid scientific concerns over “launching a massive vaccination campaign in the middle of an ongoing pandemic outbreak.”

According to Bossche, there are currently several “highly infectious mutated versions of coronavirus circulating throughout the world, like B.1.1.7 from England and B.1.351 from South Africa. During an active outbreak, variants can evolve quickly and can even evade a vaccine and make it less effective.

Bossche, who is also the former head of the Vaccine Development Office at the German Center for Infection Research, added that antibodies produced by a coronavirus vaccine can also out-compete and effectively block your immune system from working against all future coronavirus variants.

In time, this can effectively end your body’s ability to fight off any future infection indefinitely. He warned that because of Big Pharma’s agenda, humans may be “very close to vaccine resistance.”

But Big Pharma’s vaccination drive is fueled by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the mainstream media, making it too hard to stop.

Early in March, public officials in several European countries announced that they will suspend the rollout of the AstraZeneca vaccine because of reports of post-vaccination blood clots. But the mainstream media and the WHO opposed these precautionary measures.

The WHO and the mainstream media encouraged countries like Germany, France, Italy and Spain to continue administering the AstraZeneca vaccine.