GOP Rep Ken Buck praises coronavirus vaccine for “saving lives” but said he won’t get it, citing its health risks


GOP Representative Ken Buck of Colorado doesn’t want the new coronavirus vaccines in his body, but he showered praise on the experimental mRNA shots, which were recently granted emergency authorization by the FDA. On Twitter, Buck said the vaccines are “an incredible feat that should be applauded.” He encourages “front-line workers, healthcare professionals, and at-risk populations to get the vaccine” because they will “save lives.” He credited the private sector for creating a lifesaving vaccine for covid-19, but failed to mention that government had to take multiple billions of dollars from taxpayers in order to force this experiment into existence.

On the same day he praised the vaccines, Ken Buck went on Fox Business and said he would NOT take the vaccines after all. He said he is “more concerned about the safety of the vaccine” than the “side effects of the disease.”

“It is my choice. I’m an American and I have the freedom to decide if I’m going to take a vaccine or not and, in this case, I’m not going to take the vaccine,” Buck said. “I think it is one of those issues that Americans have to make that decision for themselves and I hope that we don’t get to the point where either corporations or the government are requiring this vaccine. I think that is a terrible mistake in this country,” he added.

Approximately 3,150 vaccine recipients (2.79%) require medical care after first dose of experimental shot

In the first week after Pfizer’s vaccine was released, the FDA recorded 3,150 health impact events that upended people’s daily activities. These people were unable to perform normal daily activities, were unable to work, and required care from a doctor or health care professional. Out of 112,807 vaccine recipients, a stunning 2.79 percent people fell victim to the vaccine injuries, which occurred in the first four days after the experiment was unleashed. This rate of injury should warrant a national emergency; the vaccine experiment should be halted at once. If preventing peak hospital capacity is important (like it was during the national shutdown of 2020), then why would public health authorities allow thousands of cases of hospitalization, medical emergency, and debilitating injury to be deliberately caused? The problems with this experimental vaccine protocol have only just begun.