Brownstein: Montreal is the muse for these musicians' new videos


Johnny Zatylny is considered to be among the world’s top Freddie Mercury impressionists. The Greenfield Park native had spent over 20 years performing to packed houses throughout North America and Europe with his Queen tribute band, MerQury.

Then came the pandemic, and everything ground to a halt. Zatylny returned to Montreal. But rather than get mired in some Bohemian Rhapsody blues, he rediscovered his appreciation for the city over the last 16 months and hooked up with his old band Simon Says to put out the music video Montréal dans mon coeur. The song is soulfully sung by Zatylny and was written by him and bandmate Tim Higgins.

As the above lyrics attest, the video is a veritable love letter to Montreal, with nary an orange cone in sight. No cynicism here. No potholes or political potshots.

Tourism Montreal would be hard pressed to come up with a rosier picture of the city: panoramic views atop Mount Royal, the autumnal splendour of Beaver Lake, the eye candy that is the lit-up Jacques-Cartier Bridge at night, Crescent St.’s striking Leonard Cohen mural, enticing shots of Griffintown and Old Montreal. Even the Big O comes across as an architectural jewel in a class all its own, with no mention of massive cost overruns.