Opinion: Mayor Plante thanks the Habs, and Montrealers, for their teamwork


From dreams, to confidence, to exhilaration — the Canadiens offered us all that and much more during the Stanley Cup Finals. Montreal was in dire need of some hope after more than a year of battling COVID-19. That hope came from a closely knit blue, white and red team that never gave up. It was just like Montreal and its citizens.

Now that this incredible adventure is over, we can only say thank you. Thank you for the thrilling emotions, for the determination, for the lasting memories. Thank you for bringing together a large family that was in great need of reconnecting.

Just a few weeks ago, no one had predicted that the Canadiens would reach the Stanley Cup Finals. This is a very special team that was able to come together, and each player gave it his best effort. The Canadiens are not a one-man show — they are a team. That’s also the secret of Montreal’s success.

Montrealers have been applying this approach in their daily lives for nearly 18 months. We’ve gone from being the epicentre of the pandemic to a model city, and today Montreal is more united, more resilient and more confident than ever.

As mayor, I am deeply inspired by all this and it proves that together, nothing can stop us. Montreal got through this crisis by working as a team, by collaborating with the public health department, the Quebec government, our entrepreneurs, our merchants, our artists and the population. When we play as a team, we can do great things. The Canadiens have proved this to us. Montrealers as well.

The feeling of disappointment may still be fresh in our minds, but I am convinced this is only the beginning for our Canadiens and for our beautiful city. We will be there, every step of the way, together and proud. Go, Montreal!