In praise of public urban green spaces in Montreal


Those of you on Twitter may have noticed that Montreal has become the darling of urban planners. Several U.S.-based urban designers and Canadian city planners were recently seen waxing poetic about our metropolis’s many delightful parks, gardens and sitting areas. They were also observed singing the current administration’s praises for its investments in pedestrian and cycling infrastructure, its commitment to sustainable urban planning and its colourful and accessible public spaces.

Boston-based urban development specialist Jonathan Berk raved about the city’s 13 summer pedestrianized boulevards and art installations, launching an impressively long Twitter thread comprised of out-of-towners reminiscing about their last trip here or pining for the opportunity to visit. It was nice to just sit back and see our city through the appreciative eyes of others. Montreal can be like a lover you’ve grown familiar with, who you only realize is still extremely attractive the minute you catch a stranger casting a too-long glance their way. It’s easy to become blasé about our daily surroundings. Sometimes it takes someone else pointing them out to make you really look.