Halle Berry gives shout out to Montreal West Island pub's hot wings


MONTREAL -- Academy Award-winning actress Halle Berry took to Instagram to bestow her own bit of adjudication of best in a particular category on Saturday when she named the hot wings from Cunninghams Pub in Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue on Montreal's West Island "some the best damn hot wings I've ever tasted."

"I am eating one of my favourite things, and that is the hot wing," she said in her post on Christmas Day. "There is no food I love more than a good hot wing."

Berry then said that when working on the film "Moonfall" in Montreal, she and stunt coordinator Patrick Kerton were chatting about food, and he said the wings at the pub he co-owns - Cunninghams Pub - were the best in the city.

"I was like, 'What? That is a big statement,'" said Berry. "I said, 'Well OK. If you've got the best hot wings in all of Montreal, then I'm going to need to try that because I am the best connoisseur in Montreal of hot wings right now so let me try them."

Kerston has introduced other film stars to Cunninghams' wings. He posted an Instagram photo in 2018 with a tray of wings while he was on the set of "X-Men: Dark Pheonix." No word on what Sophie Turner or any of the stars of that film thought of them.

Berry, however, said Kerton wasn't lying.

"Patrick was telling the damn truth," she said. "He does have some the best damn hot wings I've ever tasted in my whole life, and I know about the hot wings."

Cunninghams, like all restaurants and pubs on the island, is closed due to COVID-19 restrictions but is open for delivery or pickup.

"If you're within 100 miles of Montreal, please go try Cunninghams," said Berry. "Do yourself a favour." 

"Moonfall" is scheduled for release in 2021.