Recently I published an article that was included in the newsletter. I wanted to relay the message to others to stop swallowing the fear that the media is spooning to the masses regarding the new Coronavirus. I was hoping to help others to understand that we need to take special care of the balance of our Trinity of Holistic Health in every way possible at all times—not just during cold and flu “season.” This included taking the utmost attention to take care of our Mental Health, which corresponds with our Physical Health. We do this by blocking out as many negative and intrusive thoughts from both outside sources as well as from our own inner-dialogues as we possibly can.

While I still want all of you to do that, and to help those close to you understand that they need to do that too, I have changed my understanding of the Coronavirus. It is not a contagion. This is not Coronavirus that China is dealing with. It is not even a virus…nor is it a bacteria or fungi. What the Chinese are dealing with is something that the human eye cannot see, not even with the most powerful microscope. It is incapable of being seen…but it is surely felt. I’m talking about 5G.

You cannot see it, but each and every day we bathe ourselves in radiation from the cellular network that has been pushed upon us without our permission.

While the majority of sheeple blindly accept new technology as an exciting new improvement to making life even more convenient and information even more accessible, and some just shrug and accept it as a “necessity of modern life,” there are those of us who tread carefully around it, looking at it with suspicion as we know intrinsically that it is invading every aspect of our private lives, dumbing us down with information overload, and using convenience as a ploy to cause us to exercise our brains and bodies less and less. Of course—there was always the hopeful backthought that this microwave technology is not AT ALL “harmless,” as so many blissful ignoramuses in this world believe it to be. But ignorance surely is bliss…until that ignorance becomes the foundation for a “pandemic” spun in an entirely false manner that puts the world population under a lock-down, as Martial Law ensues for a “Coronavirus” that is nothing novel, and has been responsible for 10-20% of your colds in your life.

But let’s get back to the 5G. How can anyone with even half a brain accept the harmlessness of this mmWave radiation as FACT?!? It’s RADIATION! Not only that, but 5G frequencies are 60gHz! DIDN’T ANYONE RESEARCH THIS?!? 60gigaHertz FREQUENCIES ABSORB OXYGEN AND LEAVE YOU WITH 98% LESS OXYGEN IN THE AIR! THAT’S ONLY .419% OXYGEN INSTEAD OF THE 20.95% YOU SHOULD BE BREATHING! THAT WILL PRODUCE SEVERE ALTITUDE SICKNESS-LIKE SYMPTOMS COMBINED WITH RADIATION SICKNESS! HOW CAN MORE PEOPLE NOT SEE THIS?!? As I roll my eyes, I realize that there are stupid questions…and the one I just asked was one of them. There is no shortage of stupidity in this world, and there certainly seems to be no improvement in the collective train of human thought.

So, would you like to know the TRUTH about the Corona “virus?”

Allow me to backtrack a little bit a few months ago back to May of 2019. I was living in the Southern Laurentians of Québec, Canada. I sat at my work station, and I was taken a bit aback at an article I was distracted by while doing research for a project I was working on regarding Social Medicine, and the behind-the-scene realities of it…which I will not touch upon here.

The article I found was a scathingly anti-American write-up of how Donald Trump was completely kicking the world’s leading company for information and communications technology (ITC) and the top provider of infrastructure and Smart devices, Huawei of China, out of the United States. The article talked about what a tyrannical monster Trump was, that he doesn’t care about the 48,000 people who were going to lose work! It then went on to say that not only was he banning outsourced Huawei facilities on U.S. soil, but that he was completely banning 100% of their products and parts from being used in the United States. Huawei was apparently in the middle of a scandal, regarding spying…but I wasn’t buying that story as the sole reason for banning them.

There was something more to it than that, and I began to realize this as I saw that there were a few nations that were barring Huawei industry and products from being inside their borders. What I read next was that the Government of Québec, as well as the Liberals of Canada, were proud to announce a deal with Huawei, one in which the Chinese tech company would simply move across the northern border from the U.S.A.,and plant a few more facilities in Canada, thus creating an estimated 28,000 jobs and a race to give Québec the most technologically advanced infrastructure and provide Quebeckers with the fastest communication network out of all the provinces in Canada.

I went back to that article last night, as I had left that project unfinished and wanted to work on it again. This time, I read it with a different end reaction. As I scanned through the part of one of the Canadian ministers bragging in French in front of cheering Quebeckers that even the Arctic was going to be connected with 5G, something caught my attention. The article quoted him saying that Québec was going to be one of the pilot sites for 5G, after Huawei gets done setting up its PRIMARY launching site for 5G in Wuhan, China.