Journal de Gatineau sponsors Salon du Livre d'Ottawa and the Great Canadian Barbecue


Whether you live in Ottawa or across the river in Gatineau, the Ottawa Book Expo and Great Canadian Barbecue are surely a couple of names you’ve heard buzzing about in the past months. The ultimate Canadian celebration of literature, food, innovation and the arts are inviting vendors from the other side of the river to take part in what can only be deemed as one of the biggest celebrations in Canada this 2020.

Journal de Gatineau is promoting the non-profit event of the year by facilitating awareness of the event’s most powerful goals. The organizers of the event have successfully convinced Journal de Gatineau to support the importance of democracy by promoting literature, tackling illiteracy in adulthood and organizing a food drive for the less fortunate.

The Ottawa Book Expo and Great Canadian Barbecue are names you’ve heard buzzing throughout the community since late last year. The non-profit book expo is expecting over 300 vendors while the Great Canadian Barbecue is expected to usher in an era of culinary tourism to Ottawa. Nonetheless, the expo is still actively accepting vendor applications from interested authors, publishers, artists, entrepreneurs and food merchants.

The Expo is inviting not only interested vendor applicants but also lovers of food, literature and summer barbecues to participate in the event. The celebration aims to showcase the vitality of Canadian culture as well as cultures from all over the world.

The Ottawa Book Expo is expected to bring in a diverse range of vendors and visitors that are eager to experience Canada’s culinary creations. Visitors are also eager to immerse themselves in innovative and valuable masterpieces such as the arts, literature, commercial inventions and services and culinary masterpieces.

Among the many vendors, First Nations authors are expected to make an appearance to promote their work and the cultural roots of Canada. Several authors and publishers from across the globe—some all the way from Southern Asia, are also expected to promote their work and culture to cultivate a healthy and thriving literary community that expands to the far reaches of the planet.

Furthermore, the Ottawa Book Expo’s collaboration with Smoque Shack has birthed the Great Canadian Barbecue. The culinary event highlights the love for Canadian staples, barbecues and cultivating friendships. Several mixer events have been organized to introduce visitors and locals and allow them to mingle with each other.

The mixer events have been cultivated to promote tourism in Ottawa and will inevitably raise awareness and excitement for Ottawa’s culinary tourism. The mixer events will also make it possible for visitors to maximize their experience of the event and their visit to Ottawa.

The Ottawa Book Expo and the Great Canadian Barbecue are ultimately expected to change the way Ottawa’s society and tourism are perceived. If you would like to support the vitality of Canadian culture and cultivate the growth of diversity in the community, participate in the Ottawa Book Expo and Great Canadian Barbecue this 2020.