Montreal's Construction Industry Has To Fill 20,000 Jobs & Here's How Much They Pay


There are officially 20,000 new jobs in Montreal's construction industry and we decided to take a look at how much they pay.

"Quebec's construction industry has seen a record number of projects this year and is projecting a critical worker shortage over the next 10 years."

A report, conducted by the Association de la Construction du Québec (ACQ), projects that Quebec's construction industry will need roughly 20,000 workers a year over the next 10 years to meet the demand for city projects. The report identified 30 jobs that are in serious need of workers. 

This year, the industry was short some 25,000 workers. In what the ACQ calls a "consequence of an industry working at full capacity", they estimate that "at the current pace, the ACQ will work more than 180 million hours in 2019, a record for the industry."

According to the ACQ, a "major technological shift" is one of the main drivers behind this drastic worker shortage. Over the next few weeks, the ACQ will tour the province, working with communities and coming up with solutions to this problem. The organization advocates for access to education in the regions and better training for newcomers in related industries.

But perhaps you can be someone to fill one of these much-needed jobs in the future?

Montreal is home to many vocational programs and opportunities. And with plenty of work to be had, this could be your chance at a long and fulfilling career.

It doesn't hurt that all of these jobs pay much better than your barista job, too!

Here are 7 of the most crucial jobs that Quebec's construction industry needs to fill. The full list of jobs provided by the ACQ can be found at the end of this article!