Scheer denies claims that he dodged climate change protesters in Cambridge


Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer was met with a line of protesters when he first arrived in Cambridge on Tuesday afternoon. 

They were calling for more action on climate change. The protest comes ahead of Friday's Global Climate Strike, which includes a march and gathering in Uptown Waterloo. 

Scheer was criticised by some for 'dodging' the protesters at Melville Cafe, but Scheer said that's not the case.

"No not all, we only had a few moments to stop and say a quick hello to a candidate and pick up a quick bite to eat before we came here, we have to beat the traffic to get down to London."

During his tour around Cambridge, Scheer went to a couple of businesses including LA Franks and KR3 Custom Bats. 

At a media scrum in Hespeler, he said he has a message for protesters and anyone who is concerned about climate change.

"We have a real plan to attack climate change. Our plan gives Canada the best chance of achieving targets by investing in technology instead of taxes, taking the climate change fight global, and helping Canadians invest in their homes with green renovations which will help lower their energy costs and thereby lower their emissions as well."

Scheer was in St. Catharines on Tuesday morning, where he made a pledge to repeal changes by the Liberals to increase the tax rate on small business investments.