People In Montreal Were Super Impressed With This Year's New Osheaga Layout


This year, Osheaga took place at a newly renovated Parc Jean-Drapeau. A lot of work went into re-designing the space and making it more accessible, easier to navigate and create a better music experience.

I think that it's fair to say that the renovations worked. An overwhelming majority of people who went to the festival felt that this year's edition, despite a lineup that was decidedly less star-studded than previous years, was a success.

From great sound to an easy-to-navigate route back to the metro and parking lots, the organisers outdid themselves, according to festival-goers.

Renovations of Jean-Drapeau cost $73.4 million. The new space, dubbed Espace 67, is "a multi-purpose event site with many different sectors that can play host to a variety of activities for the local population and beyond," according to a press release.

The new site was able to accommodate way more people (up to 65,000 as compared to last year's 45,000) and added amenities like a restaurant, permanent toilets and a paved hill near the main stage.

Not to mention giant sound towers that can project sound for 360 degrees. These sound towers were a major improvement to the sound quality.

As one Reddit commenter put it, "the new speaker setup for the main stages allows for a much better experience all around - the people at the front don’t get their ears destroyed - people at the back can hear everything like they’re at the front."

One person took to Reddit to comment about how they, as a Torontonian, were super impressed with the way that the city and festival organisers handled the crowd.

He's not the only person who enjoyed the new setup. Many people were impressed with the new Osheaga layout and overall vibe of this year's festival.