Montreal's Slavic-Inspired Restaurant Is THE Spot To Dine & Drink Like A Russian


Montreal's Russian-themed downtown eatery, Nevski, is a kitschy spot serving Russian-inspired cuisine and food from other former Soviet republics.

The Russian restaurant in Montreal features boozy milkshakes, artsy decor à la Saint Petersburg, and a menu of Moscow mules.

Nevski's khachapuri, a Georgian cheese bread dish, is made with homemade dough and a mix of cheeses, topped with a runny egg yolk — and the restaurant's menu even teaches you how to eat it.

Its Moscow mule menu, four different takes on the classic drink — made with different spirits, ginger beer, fruit syrups and citrus — even offers mules by the pitcher for $29. There's also an extensive cocktail menu with 10 other Russian-themed options, and a few other pitcher options available for the same price.

Nevski also has a menu of dumplings stuffed with different meats, herbs and vegetables.