Montreal couple falls in a lot more than love after passionate kiss breaks window


A barbershop located in Montreal’s Rosemont-Petite-Patrie is getting viral attention after posting its security camera footage online of two unexpected walk-in customers early Monday morning.

The video shows a couple stumbling into Savvy Barbershop’s entranceway on St. Hubert Street at 6:49 a.m. The woman has her arms slung around the man before the couple leans in for a kiss. They lock lips, tilt backwards and crash into the window beside the shop’s door shattering the entire pane of glass.

The pair lay stunned amongst the broken window, only taking a second to pick off the shards of glass before running out of sight. Shortly after Savvy Barbershop’s co-owner, Dave Lechasseur received a call from the police saying there had been a break in.

“I was pretty pissed actually because I was afraid that we got something stolen in the shop,” he said.

When the owners arrived it was impossible to miss the shattered window, but nothing inside had been taken. Lechasseur was curious as to who would do such a thing, so he began to comb through the security camera footage to find the culprit. Expecting a masked robber with a weapon, the couple caught him and his business partner off guard.

“It was just a bunch of lovebirds that literally went through our windows. We cracked up, we laughed so much about it, it was hilarious,” he told Global News.

The barbershop took the footage and added the Curb Your Enthusiasm jingle to the blooper reel style video, and uploaded it to their Facebook page with the caption “Love hurts” in hopes of finding the couple to reward them.

So far it’s been watched over 25,000 times, but they have not had any luck tracking down the couple who had the earth-shattering kiss.

“We want to meet the couple that shattered our glass and offer them a night at a hotel so that way they can go full circle in their night,” said Lechasseur.