Caffeine withdrawals can be overcome by the power of the mind


(Natural News) There is good news for people on a diet who want to cut down on their consumption of caffeine. A recent Australian study suggested that caffeine withdrawals can be overcome by the power of the mind.

Researchers from the University of Sydney conducted an experiment involving 48 people who consumed large amounts of caffeine. Each participant drank at least 270 milligrams of caffeine each day, the equivalent of three cups of coffee.

The Australian investigators wished to determine if caffeine withdrawal is real or imaginary. They told each participant about the dose reductions and measured how that affected the person’s own opinion on the severity of his withdrawal.

The researchers assigned the participants into two groups at random. Both groups went through the same caffeine reduction plan for five days.

During the first day, the participants received one cup of coffee in the morning and a second cup during the afternoon. Their caffeine intake totaled 300 mg.

They continued to drink the same amount of coffee on the second, third, fourth, and fifth days. However, the researchers gradually reduced the caffeine levels each day.

As such, the participants got 200 mg of caffeine on the second day, 100 mg on the third day, and no caffeine during the fourth and fifth days.

Each group also received different information about their caffeine reduction plan. The participants in one group got accurate data on their reduction schedule.

However, the second group received deliberately incorrect data on their caffeine intake. The Sydney researchers told them that they got 300 mg of caffeine during the first, second, and third days of the study and zero caffeine during the fourth and fifth days.