New York Times issues call for all white-majority cities and towns to be forcibly “diversified” with “refugees”


(Natural News) Many cities and towns in America are still too “white,” according to the racist New York Times, which is now calling for “refugees” to be resettled all across the United States in order to fill the “void of cultural diversity.”

In response to President Trump’s decision to lower refugee admissions for the third year in a row, keeping a promise he made while on the campaign trail, the Times has decided to lash out against whitey by demanding that “brown” and black people be distributed to all areas of the country that are still a fair-skinned majority.

Presumably endorsed by Times editor Sarah Jeong, a racist Asian woman who once referred to Caucasians as “dumb*** f***ing white people,” this anti-white initiative aims to bring “cultural diversity” all remaining white-majority areas of the country, using extreme force if necessary.

The Times has called out by name states like Montana, Vermont, and Maine, all of which contain mostly white people. This is a bad thing that poses “an array of problems for new arrivals,” according to the Times, which is calling for these states and others to receive regular shipments of “refugees” in order to turn them darker.

“New Hampshire, like its neighbors Vermont and Maine, is nearly all white,” the Times laments. “This has posed an array of problems for new arrivals, who often find themselves isolated and alone, without the comfort and support of a built-in community.”