Toronto Raptors Are Now More Popular Than The Montreal Canadiens In Quebec


Some of you are going to read this title and be struck with a wave of furious anger. Others will silently nod their heads as if they've known this all along. Habs fans, before you take out the pitchforks and march down the 401 to Toronto, let me break it down. 

The Montreal Canadiens are the pulse of the city's sporting world - there's no doubt about that. Despite a season full of success and hope for the future, however, Habs fans are hungry for a championship.

It's been a full 26 years since Montreal has seen a Stanley Cup parade. A whole generation of fans (myself included) has seen the Habs make terrible trades, have terrible teams, bad management decisions, poor drafting, and a whole slew of chaos that's made us bitter. So, it's understandable that sports fans in Montreal are looking elsewhere.

Enter the Raptors. 

The most unlikely success story in the NBA is on a historic run that sees them only one win away from winning the NBA Championship. If the Raptors win tonight, it'll mark the first time Canada has won basketball's ultimate prize. That's huge.